7 of the Most Interesting, Little Known Fireworks Facts

Is 4 July draws closer we thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about fireworks. These aren’t just relative to Michigan either. Nope, these facts happen to be universal, to fireworks at least. Read through the list and see how many new discoveries you make. Dreaming of fireworks. If your dreams involve

REVIEW: Crushin’ It Shells, WOW

“These are hands down the best shells I’ve ever shot off, and with the limited stock this year I highly recommend getting as many as you can before they’re gone!” The crushin’ it shells are a 5″ shell with 24 shells and 4 tubes. Because these shells are so big, they do not have the

Michigan Fireworks: Some Common Sense and Uncommon Knowledge

Michigan Fireworks: Some Common Sense and Uncommon Knowledge Different states have different regulations governing fireworks. Some ban them out right, while others allow only minimal displays involving sparklers and snap pops. Often times, states that institute a fireworks ban see their people fleeing to the nearest state line where they can purchase fireworks just “over

A Surprising Secret About Profireworks

A Surprising Secret About Profireworks So, you know that Profireworks has the best selection of fireworks in Michigan. You know we have been serving the area for more than 30 years and have multiple locations providing great access to the fireworks you need to put on a show stopping performance this Fourth of July. We

Best Fireworks in Michigan

4 of the Best Fireworks Displays in Michigan With all the 4th of July fireworks hoopla surrounding places like Boston, Philadelphia, New York city and Las Vegas, it can be easy to forget some of the most fantastic firework displays are produced right here in Michigan! Following are four of the best, hand picked by

Fireworks Safety Tips, 2016

Because the safe use of all our fireworks products is our primary goal, we are providing you with useful tips from three authoritative sources so that you, your family and friends will enjoy your fireworks fun in a safe and responsible manner. Check out these websites to learn important knowledge and skills so you will

weiner dog 4th of july
This Dog is Deadly with a Roman Candle

At Pro Fireworks, we have seen a lot of things over the years. However, nothing compares to the dog at the beginning of the clip below. He might be small, but don;t let his size fool you. This Daschund could own you in a fight any day. His weapon of choice? A roman candle. That’s

2016 Comerica Park Fireworks Shows

Once again, the Detroit Tigers will be offering fireworks shows following Friday and Saturday evening games all season. And they are offered whether the Tigers win or lose. (But hopefully they’ll win!) This year the Bengals are offering a record 17 after-game fireworks shows. Here are the dates and opposing team information. Go get ‘em

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Why Fireworks on the 4th?

So do you ever wonder how it all started? I mean, why do we celebrate the Fourth of July by lighting up the sky with fireworks? You may know the reason, but do you know the history? Well, as it happens it can be traced back to an exact day. On July 3, 1776, John

The Magic Behind the Color of Fireworks

Let’s talk for a moment about the true magic behind fireworks. The truth is it is not really that difficult to create a grand fireworks display. Sure, they might look complicated with all of their wires, computer programmed timers, and mortar casings. However, all of these are merely designed to light a specific fuse at